About the Collection: Her Name Was Scarlet

“The new Karolina Couture Lingerie collection draws inspiration from the strength, fragility and beauty of women. ‘Her Name Was Scarlet’ recounts an unforgettable woman whose name and memory linger in the mind of every person whose path she crosses. ‘Scarlet’ leaves her indelible mark by simply being her brilliant self and truly valuing herself. The gorgeous colours and decadent fabrics of the collection characterise the many facets of an incredible woman. The bright red silks and silk lace represent the fiery, seductive and confident persona within. The sheer white laces; the emotional and delicate. The seductive blacks; the daring and dark, and the unmissable hot pinks; the joyous and light-hearted. We women are all a myriad of light and dark, bright and pale and when it all comes together in one place, it’s nothing short of beautiful.” 


Karolina Stysiak